Psychic Reading Addiction

Psychic addiction is like a drug, when feeling high wears off, you need another fix..

"Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment" Buddha

Regardless of what people say, there is nothing wrong with having a reading, as this is a way of connecting with your Spirit Guides for guidance and direction in your life. However saying that, some people have believed in psychic readings so much that without them knowing psychic predictions have somehow began to control their lives. Some people have in fact got so “hooked” or “addicted” to psychics that they have spent every last penny that have earned on readings, or even ended up in thousands of pounds of debt. If you can answer yes to any of the following, then you have a psychic addiction!

  • Has contacting psychics started to rule your life?
  • Are you relying on psychics to help you make serious or trivial life choices?
  • Does the thought of giving up psychic readings scare you?
  • Has your reader / friends / family suggested that you are too reliant on psychic advise?
  • Has getting psychic readings begun to seriously affect you financially and even got you into debt?
  • Are you unable to make decision without talking to your psychic?
  • Do you feel lonely, anxious, sensitive, and depressed at the moment?

A psychic addiction can be emotionally and financially dangerous...

Are psychic readings controlling your life?

Admit it, at one stage in our lives we all have had at least one psychic reading, whether this be a Psychic, Tarot card, Astrology or Horoscope, Numerology, Palm, Past Life, or Aura reading. A good reading should briefly cover significant things that have happened in the past, the present and the next 12 months of your future, along with some pretty accurate timing. People generally seek a psychic reading when they have been through a traumatic period, going through a phase of problems, worries, stagnation and obstacles in their lives. Some people are just fed up of being stuck in a rut and want to know when things will change for them.

So what’s the truth about psychic readings?

I am an experienced and well respected psychic and tarot card reader, and have been guiding people for over 7 years. I advise anyone out there who feels that they are addicted to psychic readings, that you need only one good psychic reading a year. You can have 5 good psychic readings a year with similar predictions. What does this mean? Have one psychic reading a year and then live your life with free will and wait for the universe to make your predictions come true. You should not be paying more than £50 for a reading.

I am a firm believer in the future being what you make it. Psychic predictions are based on what is happening around you at the moment – i.e. the thoughts and vibes you have been sending out to the universe. Psychic predictions are not fixed and can be changed or altered by the influence of your free will.

So get back in control and live your life with love, happiness and positive vibes and use psychic readings as guidance and not your destiny.


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The Therapy Room

Let’s talk about it.....

Do you:

  • call a psychic to talk about how you feel and not necessarily get a reading?
  • spend more time talking to your psychic than a close friend?
  • end up doing most of the talking during your reading with a huge bill to pay?

In the Therapy Room I offer 2 services to help with psychic addiction.

20 minute Crave Basher

Sometimes you don't need a reading; you just need someone to talk to......

For those who feel that they are not quite ready for the Spiritual Healing program which helps get rid of the psychic addiction, they can choose 'The 20 minute Crave Basher' service, which for only £15 lets you talk to me or one of my Spiritual Healers for 20 minutes to help you deal with that difficult and vulnerable moment. I offer same day and urgent appointments within 30 minutes, to help you in your hour of need. You can use this session to talk about whatever you want, and someone will be there to listen, comfort and guide you onto the right path. Don’t worry if you go over 20 minutes, we not here to charge you by the minute, but to make sure you end the call feeling back in control.

Spiritual Healing

"Time is precious and only ticks forward....."

This program has been carefully and individually designed to help you deal with and eliminate your psychic addiction. This is a very flexible program, and progresses at your pace. You are in control of it not me. At the start of the program you will receive a program pack that helps you along your journey back to ‘you’. Call me today for a free 15 minute consultation.

Spiritual Healing is about healing from past or present hurt, and overcoming any fears. Spiritual healing is about self control and getting your power and life back. During the Spiritual Healing sessions I talk you through powers of attraction, which helps you understand why things happened the way they did. It also helps you to get what you want in the future through mind power, cosmic ordering and positive thoughts. Using some very old and powerful techniques you are able to deal with your past and move forward into a positive future.

These techniques are very powerful if you have become addicted to psychic readings, and have lost your emotional, mental and financial power. I have helped many people stop this addiction, stop running themselves into debt, and get their control back.